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How Does Female Hormone Mapping Compare To Other Tests?

We take a look at how female hormone mapping differs from other female hormone tests.

Female Hormone Mapping

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There is a wide range of hormone tests on the market for women, but how do they compare to Female Hormone Mapping?

In this article, we take a look at the 5 main areas where Female Hormone Mapping differs from other tests currently on the market.

1. Measures The Responsiveness Of Your Hormone Network

Female Hormone Mapping is the only product on the market that uses two home blood test samples within the same menstrual cycle combined with artificial intelligence to predict how your hormones fluctuate throughout your cycle that is unique to you.

It measures the responsiveness of your hormone network and the complex interaction between all 4 key female hormones. This network of hormones is made up of the two control hormones FSH and LH and the ovarian response hormones progesterone and oestrogen. These 4 hormones work together in a complex and intricate network across a menstrual cycle and are a barometer of female hormone health. 

Learn more by reading our blog ‘Menstrual Cycle: Tune Into Your Hormones’.

Other female hormone tests vary in the types of hormones they measure. The chart below provides a snapshot of the 4 key hormones measured by different types of female hormone tests:

Female hormone tests compared

Tests that only measure some of the 4 key hormones are unable to provide a full picture of this vital hormone network.

2. Innovative FORM Score

We have created an innovative way to measure ovarian responsiveness with our Forth Ovarian Responsiveness Metric or FORM score.  It combines specialist endocrinology expertise and machine learning techniques to calculate a unique ovarian responsiveness metric.

Ovarian responsiveness score

The FORM score is based on all four hormone levels in each of the two samples you provide (one on day 14 and one on day 21 of the menstrual cycle) and is a good indicator of perimenopause. As a woman gets older her ovaries become less responsive which causes changes to her hormone fluctuations. Therefore, the FORM score can indicate how far along a woman is on her transition to menopause.

Learn more about the menopause.

 3. Measures Hormones Across An Entire Menstrual Cycle

Most female hormone tests on the market can only measure hormones at a single point in time, this is generally on day 3 of the menstrual cycle when hormones are less active. Confirmation of ovulation is generally done by measuring progesterone on day 21 of a woman’s cycle. This assumes that progesterone peaks at exactly the same time for every woman, every cycle. This would indicate if ovulation has occurred but nothing else.

Female Hormone Mapping is able to map all 4 female hormones across an entire menstrual cycle from two blood samples taken on day 14 and day 21 of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Using machine learning, these hormones are then mapped out across the menstrual cycle.

Measuring all 4 hormones across the entire menstrual cycle provides an accurate picture of how a woman’s hormones are fluctuating and whether they are fluctuating as expected for her age.

And because Female Hormone Mapping measures all 4 of these hormones, the test can be used to:

  • Identity if your hormones are fluctuating as expected for your age
  • Identity if symptoms are related to perimenopause
  • Identify if ovulation has occurred
  • Identify possible reasons for difficulties experienced over the menstrual cycle
  • Provide insights on how to manage issues associated with female hormones such as fertility, insufficient luteal phase, anovulatory cycles and PCOS
  • Monitor ovarian responsiveness throughout a woman’s different life stages

With all the different female hormone tests on the market, each measuring a different combination of hormones – but none measuring all 4 key hormones – it can be confusing to know which test is right for you.

Female Hormone Mapping takes that confusion away and provides insights into a range of issues related to these female hormones.

Female Hormone Mapping - You Mapped Out

4. Correlates Hormones To Symptoms

The other key area that makes Female Hormone Mapping unique and different from other female hormone tests on the market, is the correlation between hormones and symptoms.

Hormone levels can also be affected by your lifestyle and behaviour; therefore, we have developed an app that includes a health questionnaire that is to be completed when you take each blood sample, reflecting how you have been feeling over the last week of your cycle. We then use this insight to correlate any issues or symptoms you’ve logged with your hormone fluctuations providing a personalised report which gives you a better understanding of how your hormones affect your health and wellbeing.

5. Expert Personalised Report

Unlike other female hormone tests that may be overseen by a GP, this unique test and personalised report has been devised in conjunction with our expert endocrinologist, Dr Nicky Keay.

Taking all the information provided through the blood samples and health questionnaire, Dr Nicky Keay, produces a report that provides detail on your hormone fluctuations and what they mean for you.

This provides you with practical advice to help you understand your hormones better and changes you can make to your lifestyle.

You can also book a 1-2-1 consultation with Dr Nicky Keay to discuss the report in more detail.


Female Hormone Mapping is different from other female hormone tests on the market because:

  1. It helps identify the responsiveness of your hormone network.
  2. It measures your hormones network across an entire menstrual cycle, not at a single point in time.
  3. It correlates symptoms to hormone fluctuations.
  4. It provides insight into ovarian responsiveness.
  5. You are provided with a personalised report from a medical doctor with endocrine expertise.

Female Hormone Mapping is the next generation product for women, design by a female medical endocrine expert and a mathematical expert.  It combines clinical science with machine learning technology to provide women with a far better understanding of their hormones and how it influences their wellbeing and fertility. 

Want to learn more about Female Hormone Mapping? Read our blog ‘What Is Female Hormone Mapping’.

Female Hormone Mapping - You Mapped Out

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Female Hormone Mapping

This ground-breaking product maps how the 4 key female hormones fluctuate over your entire cycle rather than just a single day. Combining blood analysis with artificial intelligence and clinical expertise, our algorithm uses 8 lab results to plot how each of your hormones fluctuates throughout your cycle, totally unique to you. Giving you unparalleled insight into your menstrual cycle, whether you want to improve your wellbeing, optimise sports performance, are entering the perimenopause or are thinking about starting a family.
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Female Hormone Mapping
Combining blood analysis with AI and clinical expertise, our algorithm uses 8 lab results to plot how each of your hormones fluctuates throughout your cycle, totally unique to you
Medically Reviewed
Dr Nicky Keay
Chief Medical Officer, BA, MA (Cantab), MB, BChir, MRCP.​
This article has been medically reviewed by Forth's Chief Medical Officer, Dr Nicky Keay.
Nicky has extensive clinical and research experience in the fields of endocrinology and sport and exercise medicine. Nicky is a member of the Royal College of Physicians, Honorary Fellow in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Durham University and former Research Fellow at St. Thomas’ Hospital.


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