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How to Test Your Fertility at Home

Making the decision to start a family is exciting time. But it can also be incredibly nerve wracking, particularly if you don’t fall pregnant as quickly as you were hoping or expecting to.

We are having a baby

Whether you’re already trying to conceive or you just want to understand your reproductive health better ahead of doing so, understanding how to test your fertility at home will be incredible useful.

Ovulation Tests

Simple urine tests to check when you’re ovulating are available from pharmacies and even supermarkets. These are a cost effective way to determine the time of the month you’re most likely to conceive.

Hormone Level Blood Tests

We have a specially devised female hormone blood test that you can take at home with a simple finger prick kit. You then send the sample back to us and we’ll analyse the levels of 8 important hormones that play a key role in fertility and your overall reproductive health.

We’ll assess:

  • Thyroxine
  • Testosterone
  • Prolactin
  • Luteinising Hormone (LH)
  • TSH
  • Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin
  • FSH
  • Oestrogen

We’ll then make the results available for you on an easy to read and interpret digital dashboard.

Fertility Testing at Home

These basic fertility tests (like ovulation and hormone blood level tests) give a great picture of your overall reproductive health and the best time to try to conceive. It’s a great starting point for anyone about to start trying for a baby.

If You’re Worried

If you feel you’re struggling to conceive and you’re worried, then we’d always advise you go to see a medical professional. While blood hormone levels and ovulation tests can provide some incredibly valuable information about female fertility and cycles, a medical professional will be able to carry out further investigations (if necessary) for both you and your partner.

Female Hormones

The female hormone blood test checks for hormone imbalances and includes key fertility hormones along with thyroid function.
Female Hormones


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