Relationships are never easy and the menopause can add an extra strain to them. The hormonal changes which take place because of the menopause can affect everyone and not just the female going through the transition.

Sexual partners may notice that a female’s sex drive is not as high as it once was or that vaginal dryness is causing pain and discomfort. Children and other close relatives may notice changes to their mood which can affect their day and negatively impact the relationship.

Gaining an awareness of the changes a female is going through at the time of the menopause can make the loved ones around her more understanding. Talking through feelings, concerns and the symptoms can not only help with coping but may also prevent relationship issues from occurring. For example, explaining to your lover about the changes related to sexual function rather than withdrawing from intimacy altogether will encourage other forms of affection. They will also feel more involved and will be able to offer their support. Remember being intimate doesn’t necessarily have to end in sex.

If you are struggling with the menopause and the strain it may be putting on your relationship, you may wish to speak to your doctor. They will also be able to rule out any other potential causes such as thyroid problems, particularly if emotional issues are new to you.

The menopause can cause great upheaval in a female’s life, so it is always important to remember that you’re not alone and there’s no need to suffer in silence.

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