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Sarah Bolt, Founder & CEO of Forth

Forth Founder’s Interview With StartUps Magazine

Forth Founder and CEO Sarah Bolt was interviewed recently by StartUps Magazine talking about becoming your personal best.

In StartUps article Sarah talks openly about her passion for helping people on their health journey, tapping into the growing trend in digital health where more people are wanting to take control of their own health and health data.  It was Sarah’s own experience of waiting a week for blood test results that planted the seed of an idea that has grown into Forth.

“When it comes down to managing one’s personal health, small changes can lead to significant improvements, according to Sarah Bolt, the founder and CEO of Forth, a digital healthcare service in the UK. Self-improvement starts from within, and Sarah is the ambassador of this belief; Sarah is championing the innovation of personalised biomarker profiling to help others with self-improved health. Forth’s biomarker profiling starts with an at-home blood testing kit that is sent back to the lab where it is analysed for over 50 key internal biomarkers integral to good health. By reporting the results to an app, it shows users how the body is performing, allowing them to optimise their lifestyles to reach their personal best.


Twelve years ago, Sarah decided that she wanted to dedicate her energy and efforts to working in an industry that had more purpose, one that actually made a difference to people’s lives, than her corporate marketing career. She gave up her role working in NPD at Dyson, enrolled in a Masters in behaviour change, and began working in the healthcare sector. She found that this sector was relevant for her personal and professional objectives. Four years ago, she established Forth, which aims to help people make small but significant improvements in their health through knowledge and understanding.

When she had to wait for a week to get her blood results from her G.P, Sarah knew that she had to create Forth, a responsive application that would provide blood results in no more than 48 hours, including expert advice on how to adjust users’ biomarkers for improving overall health.

At the time Sarah started Forth, Fitbits were hugely successful and she loved the way they had taken an existing piece of tech and repurposed it to give users more in-depth results. Sarah thought that she could do the same by taking the concept of a blood test and bringing a deeper understanding into how individuals’ bodies work and how their lifestyle changes could be monitored for optimising their biological benefits. And so, Forth was launched, including scientific data that results from biomarker tests, and expert advice from G.Ps, endocrinologists, and sports physicians.”

Read StartUps Magazine article in full.

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