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To assess the effect your training programme is having on your body you need to look beyond surface level physiological markers and understand what is happening to your body on the inside.

That’s why Creation-PT has teamed up with Forth, an innovative biomarker tracking service to offer our clients the opportunity to test and track key biomarkers to health & fitness.

Forth offers over 20 tests, all of which are available at an exclusive 15% discount. Many of the blood tests such as vitamin Dtestosterone or body fat can be done at home using a simple finger prick sample kit, whilst some of the larger profiles such as Performance Measures or Improving Health & Performance require a larger blood sample to be drawn from the vein.  But don’t worry, Forth will organise all this for you and set up an appointment with your nearest clinic to have your bloods drawn.

Once analysed by an accredited laboratory your results are converted into easy-to-understand data graphics, which you can track over time. By tracking your biomarkers at regular intervals you can see what affect your diet and training are having on your health, helping you to improve your energy levels, reduce the risk of injury and optimise your wellbeing.


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To help you gain a greater understanding of the role key biomarkers play on your health and performance, we’ve put together an easy-to-understand guide.



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