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Hormone Blood Tests

Hormones have far-reaching effects on many systems in the body beyond fertility and reproduction. Hormones impact the nervous system, the musculoskeletal system, the digestive system, the cardiovascular system, the immune system and metabolism. In short, hormones are integral to our health & wellbeing. As such, a hormone imbalance can affect mood, weight, sports performance, and energy levels in addition to fertility.

Female Hormone Tests

Female hormones play a key role not only in women’s fertility but in overall health and wellbeing. From puberty to menopause, female hormones work in an intricate feedback loop that affects all areas of women’s health.

Our ground-breaking Female Hormone Mapping product is for women with a naturally occurring period who want deeper insights into their hormone fluctuations. Whether it’s to check fertility, a condition related to female hormones or to confirm perimenopause, Female Hormone Mapping can help. As well as blood test results you will receive a detailed, actionable report from endocrinology expert Dr Nicky Keay.

Our Menopause Health test is for women who have reached menopause and maybe taking HRT who wish to monitor hormone levels as well as biomarkers essential to heart and bone health which are detrimentally impacted by a drop in oestrogen levels.

MyFORM™ is the most scientifically advanced test available to women who want to check if their hormones are fluctuating in the correct pattern over the entire course of their menstrual cycle.
Perimenopause Test
Get confirmation that your symptoms are due to Perimenopause along with personalise, actionable advice from our endocrinology expert.
Menopause Health
17 Biomarkers Analysed
A menopause blood test for women going through the menopause and post-menopause. Checks hormone levels and key health markers.

Male Hormone Tests

Hormones play a key role in a man’s overall wellbeing with imbalances affecting mood, energy levels, bone and muscle mass, weight, sexual function, and fertility. Testosterone is the main male hormone and the most common marker to be measured. However, measuring testosterone in isolation only gives you a partial picture. Our Male Hormones test checks levels of luteinising hormone (LH) and prolactin both of which can reduce the amount of testosterone being produced.

Male Hormones
12 Biomarkers Analysed
At home hormone test including testosterone to check for any imbalances.

Testosterone affects multiple functions in the body. It supports body composition and maintains haemoglobin levels to carry oxygen around the body. Low levels of testosterone will result in reduced libido and fatigue. Our Testosterone check blood test measures total testosterone only so you can check if your levels are within the normal range for your age.

Testosterone Test
1 Biomarkers Analysed
Finger prick blood test to measure total testosterone levels.

Other Hormone Tests

Female Hormones
8 Biomarkers Analysed
Unlike our Female Hormone Mapping product, this Female Hormone test is a static test that measures your hormones on a single day. Includes key fertility hormones along with thyroid function.
1 Biomarkers Analysed
Lab analysed progesterone test to confirm if ovulation has occurred.
Advanced Thyroid Check
5 Biomarkers Analysed
Test thyroid function together with thyroid antibodies.

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