At myGP we know the value of good health. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Forth, a leading home blood test company, who will provide you with valuable information & advice to help you navigate your way to better health.

Forth offering finger prick blood tests


We’ve selected four valuable health checks which cover overall wellbeing, male and female hormones, and a menopause health check.

All tests can be completed at home, using a finger prick collection kit and then sent to a UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis. You’ll receive your results with 2 working day on a secure online dashboard. Here, you’ll discover if your results fall outside of the normal range, if there is room for improvement and how you compare to others of your age and gender. You’ll also get advice from a GP on any high or low results together with clear information on what you need to do to improve.
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Coronavirus tests

The coronavirus antibody test is a finger prick test that can be done at home and sent to our laboratory for analysis. This test indicates if your body has developed antibodies in response to a past infection of the COVID-19 virus. These antibodies can become detectable 14 days after the onset of symptoms.

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Covid-19 Past Infection Antibody Test
1 Biomarkers Included
Blood test to identify a past infection of COVID-19 virus.

The coronavirus test will indicate if you are currently infected with the COVID-19 infection. This is a throat and nose swab test which can be self-collected by individuals at home and then posted via Tracked 24 to a UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis. Samples should be collected between 1-5 days from the onset of symptoms. International travellers returning to the UK should take the test 5 days after arrival. Results are available 2 working days from receipt.

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Covid-19 Vaccine Spike Antibody Test
1 Biomarkers Included
Home antibody blood test to confirm the presence of antibodies after Covid-19 Vaccination
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Baseline Plus
20 Biomarkers Included
Our best selling general health blood test measuring 20 essential biomarkers for good health and wellbeing.


Baseline Plus is our most comprehensive health check and is designed for those who want to track improvement to their health. You’ll gain scientific results for 22 of your body’s most essential biomarkers for good health including; key micronutrients (vitamin D, B12, ferritin, folate), good & bad cholesterol, average blood sugar levels, inflammation, liver function as well as stress.

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Male Hormones
12 Biomarkers Included
At home hormone test including testosterone to check for any imbalances.


Hormones play a key role in a man’s overall wellbeing with imbalances affecting mood, energy levels, bone and muscle mass, weight, sexual function, and fertility. Whether you want to improve sports performance, or find the cause of changes affecting your wellbeing, then our male hormone tests can provide insight into your hormone levels and identify any problems in testosterone production.

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Female Hormones
8 Biomarkers Included
Unlike our Female Hormone Mapping product, this Female Hormone test is a static test that measures your hormones on a single day. Includes key fertility hormones along with thyroid function.


Female hormones fluctuate naturally during a woman’s menstrual cycle, but an imbalance in these hormones can affect general wellbeing such as mood, weight, and energy as well as fertility.

Understanding your own personal hormone levels can help you to identify any imbalances that may be impacting on our health and making you feel less than your best.

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Menopause Health
16 Biomarkers Included
A menopause blood test for women going through the menopause and post-menopause. Checks hormone levels and key health markers.


The menopause has a significant impact on women’s mental and physical health. The menopause test is a health check for women over 50 when the change in hormone levels can have a detrimental impact on health.

Having access to this data will help you take positive steps to boost your wellbeing and reduce the increased health risks caused by the change in hormones

Female Hormone Mapping

Our next generation Female Hormone Mapping™ product combines artificial intelligence, with blood analysis and clinical expertise to provide you with personalised insights into your key female hormone fluctuations over your entire menstrual cycle.

It also provides you with an innovative measurement of your hormone networks so you can track changes in your ovarian responsiveness throughout all your lives.

whats included in our tests?

improve your unique self

Want to improve your health & wellbeing? Forth gives you insight into your body’s key biomarkers. By tracking essential markers overtime you can build a picture of your own unique self and discover how your body responds to the changes you make so you can reach your personal best.

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