Male Hormones

Finger prick or phlebotomy

A comprehensive check of key male hormones which can affect libido, muscle strength, energy and much more.

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Female Fertility

Finger prick or phlebotomy

This profile analyses key biomarkers which can not only affect your fertility, but also mood, energy and weight.


Menopause Health

Finger prick or phlebotomy

For women in various stages of the menopause who want to check hormone levels as well as the impact changes may be having on their overall wellbeing.


Peri-menopause Check

Finger prick

A hormone check for women who believe they may be starting to transition through the menopause.



Finger prick

Whether male or female, your testosterone level can have an important impact on your health.



Finger prick

Planning to conceive? Measuring the amount of progesterone in your blood will indicate whether ovulation has occurred.


Advanced thyroid health

Finger prick or phlebotomy

An advanced look at the main thyroid hormones which indicate if the thyroid is functioning correctly.