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Dr Nicky Keay Speaks About All Things Hormones

Author: Forth

July 12, 2021

The best of health podcast with dr nicky keay

‘All Things Hormones’ Best of Health Podcast with Tanya Borowski and Forth’s Dr Nicky Keay

Women’s hormones are integral to a woman’s health and this is not just confined to reproduction; each menstrual cycle is unique to the individual and is a barometer of internal hormone health.

Dr Nicky Keay, Chief Medical Officer at Forth, joins Tanya Borowski’s The Best of Health Podcast,  to discuss endocrinology, ‘basically all things hormones’; getting down to the nitty-gritty of what is going on inside the female delicate reproductive network and why an understanding is so important to all aspects of mental and physical health.

The pituitary gland, the conductor of the endocrine orchestra!

Listen to Dr Nicky translate the science around female hormone health, providing insights on how the pituitary gland, the boss, or the conductor of the endocrine orchestra, manages the different hormones and how it affects three key areas: cardiovascular system, neurological and bone health.

The Best of Health Podcast provides a range of insightful conversations with various healthcare professionals, clinicians, researchers, functional medicine practitioners and industry leaders. The conversations are around different aspects of health from the gut, our microbiome, nutrigenomics, to food and supplements, all set to inspire listeners to achieve  The BEST of Health!

Get further insight into how women can take control of their health and start to reduce the impact of perimenopause symptoms which can have a detrimental effect on the quality of life of many women. This is done by using a simple Female Hormone Mapping ‘finger prick’ blood test, blended with machine learning and a clever digital results and recommendations interface, together with recommendations from Dr Nicky herself.

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