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Forth beats its own personal best with September success

Author: Forth

November 1, 2019

Forth beats its own personal best with september success

Autumn is now thoroughly underway with Christmas on the horizon. Unsurprisingly, many of you may be experiencing the post-summer blues; but that’s not the case here at Forth…

September marked our best month on record with sales of our Forth blood testing kit up 23% from the previous month. The influx in users is the start of a much-needed health revolution that we hope will improve wellbeing and quality of life for all users.

Not only did we beat the August sales, but Forth Life doubled sales from September the previous year, and the quarter Jul-Aug 19 was 26% up on the previous quarter Apr-Jun 19. These results are clear indicators that people are increasingly interested in monitoring their own health and taking control of how their bodies are performing. This means that our labs were busier than ever providing the rapid results response that Forth has become known for.

Commenting on their success and popularity, founder Sarah Bolt said:

“September has been an incredible month for us here at Forth; it now feels like our hard work is paying off and that we are kickstarting meaningful change to society’s health and lifestyle. Forth gives you the tools to lead yourself to a healthier lifestyle by enabling you to build a picture of your own unique biomarker profile, discover what lifestyle changes work best for your body and get an early warning when things start to go wrong. Only through insight like this can you be your personal best.”

To find out what’s going on inside your body and how you can make meaningful changes sign up for a Baseline Plus test. We can measure and track 20 key biomarkers including energy, fat, sugar, stress, inflammation and bone health. With this information, you can join our health revolution.

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