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Dr Nicky Keay

Forth’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Nicky Keay, Debunks The Menopause

As a female doctor and endocrinologist, Dr Nicky Keay thought she was in the best possible position to tackle menopause when she reached that point in her life. Despite all of her knowledge, she said the reality of the menopause was still a shock and she truly found it a challenge.

Dr Nicky Keay, Chief Medical Officer at Forth, was recently interviewed by Eddie Nestor on BBC Radio London where she discussed her own experience with the menopause. She outlined why perimenopause symptoms occur and the hormone changes that trigger hot flushes, night sweats, increased anxiety and brain fog to name a few.  Nicky also outlined how women can take control of their health and start to reduce the impact of these perimenopause symptoms which can have a detrimental effect on the quality of life of many women.

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