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How is my blood sample collected?

A blood collection kit will be sent to your address. This kit contains all you need to collect the blood sample and a pre-paid return envelope to send your sample to our lab. Depending on the test you select, blood samples are collected by finger prick (which you can do yourself) or by a phlebotomy draw (which must be done by a trained healthcare professional).

Finger Prick

If you have purchased a finger prick test, you can collect your own sample by using the lancets and specimen tube/s provided:

  • Twist and remove the blue stick from the lancet.
  • Stand up and press the lancet firmly on the side of your chosen finger.
  • Wipe away the first droplet of blood, then gently massage down the side of your finger.
  • Collect your sample in the tube/s provided. Once collected, place the correct cap on and invert 10 times.
  • Then clean your finger with the alcohol wipe and apply the plaster.
  • Post the sample to our lab the same day of collection.

Phlebotomy Draw

A phlebotomy draw is where blood is taken from the vein using a needle by a healthcare professional. You can organise a phlebotomy draw yourself, via our home phlebotomy service which is subject to an additional charge, or via a partnered clinic. You can select these options during checkout.

Learn more about our phlebotomy service.

Last Updated: January 4, 2024

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