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I can’t collect my blood sample, what should I do?

We do our best to ensure our kits are easy to use, however, when difficulties do occur it is usually due to one of two things: dehydration and circulation.[br][br]

Good hydration is hugely important and we strongly recommend that at least a pint of water is drunk an hour before collecting your sample.[br][br]

If you do not knowingly have a circulation problem in your hands, it is a case of finding the technique that works for you. Getting the blood flow circulating well in your hands and fingers is key, so ensure that your hands are warm and do some hand exercises. Many find it easier to collect the sample after a bath or shower or if this isn't convenient, soak your hands in warm water for 4 minutes.[br][br]

If you do suffer from circulatory problems in your hands (i.e your hands are always cold), then extraction via finger prick can be difficult. In such instances, we would recommend switching to a phlebotomy draw (blood drawn from a vein).[br][br]

Tip: You can also try putting an elastic band around the middle knuckle of your finger as a tourniquet. This tends to trap the blood in the fingertip and you can see it go red if blood flow stops remove the band and you usually get a surge of blood as it flows back into your fingertip. When massaging your finger to extract blood, try massaging from the middle of your palm all the way to the tip.[br][br]

Order A Replacement Kit

If you have been unsuccessful in collecting the correct amount of blood, you can order a replacement kit which can be done through the 'My Orders' section of your account. A replacement kit costs £10.00.[br][br]

Arrange A Phlebotomy Appointment

If for whatever reason, you are having repeated problems collecting your sample via our finger prick kit, you may also wish to upgrade your order to a phlebotomy draw which allows you to have your blood taken by a nurse.[br][br]

This can be arranged through Forth by requesting a home phlebotomy appointment during checkout at an additional cost of £60.00. We will arrange a suitable time and location for a nurse to visit you and take your blood sample.[br][br]

Or you can order your test with a phlebotomy kit instead of a finger prick kit which is free of charge (select 'Organise a phlebotomist myself' option at checkout), and arrange an appointment at your local clinic so they can take your blood sample for you. Regardless of which option you choose, the nurse will give you the sample to return to us in the post the same as for the finger prick test.[br][br]

PLEASE NOTE: Please do not send samples back to the lab unless they have reached the required fill line.  In the case of the yellow tube, this is the 600 marker. If you do send insufficient samples, the lab may not be able to provide analysis but charges will still be incurred. If in any doubt please contact [email protected].

Last Updated: January 4, 2024

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