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When should I collect my blood sample?

When Is The Best Day To Collect And Return My Blood Sample?

The best days to collect and return your blood sample is between a Monday and a Thursday. This is so the sample is not delayed by the weekend postal service and also due to our labs not operating over a weekend.

Can I Send My Blood Sample On A Bank Holiday?

We advise against posting any samples during a Bank Holiday due to delays in the postal service. Before the bank holiday weekend, please collect and post your sample as normal between Monday and Thursday. After this, please wait until after the bank holiday weekend. 

Samples That Need To Be Taken On A Specific Day

If your recommended day is on the Saturday of a bank holiday weekend, please collect on the Monday, store somewhere cool and post first thing Tuesday into a priority postbox. If it lands on a Sunday or Monday, please collect on the Tuesday.

Last Updated: January 4, 2024

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