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How Secure Is My Data?

We have strict processes in place to ensure the protection of our customers’ data. Following GDPR the company also operates under tight legal rules about the sharing of data which ensures that data is only shared if it is crucial to the delivery of our service. For example, our doctor’s see customer results at the time of review, however, after review, access to results is withdrawn.

As a customer, you have the right to have your data anonymised. However, please bear in mind that if you ask us to do that after you have received your test results, your results will no longer be available via your online dashboard. One of the benefits of our service is to track how your results change over time as you take actions to improve.

Finally, if we were to share our data with any third party in the future (for means other than the delivery of our service), that data would be anonymised. This is set out in our terms and conditions. Unlike DNA, when you remove the name and address identifiers from our blood test results it is impossible to trace who they belong to.

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