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Our finger prick test kits enable employees to collect samples easily at home – no need for clinic appointments or invasive blood draws. Our industry leading platform brings results to life and motivates employees to be more proactive and informed about their health.

You can see exactly where you fall on the ‘normal’ range, get simple nutrition tips to improve your numbers and track changes in line with lifestyle changes.

As a corporate partner, our platform allows you to view aggregated data of your employees to make more informed decisions about health and wellbeing in your work place.


Why Forth?


Cost effective

Forth offers a more affordable wellbeing solution than traditional healthcare providers


Sample collection can be done at home by employees using our finger prick test kits


Our market leading platform brings results to life in a visually engaging format accompanied with explanatory copy which is easy-to-understand

Evidence based

We test the most relevant markers for wellbeing which are grounded in robust evidence and used within the NHS


Our service empowers people by giving them insight into their inside health and nudging them to take proactive action to improve

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