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Blood Sample Collection

How Is My Blood Sample Collected?

There are two methods of blood sample collection, finger prick and phlebotomy. Most of our tests use a finger prick blood sample collection, but others that require a larger sample of blood use a phlebotomy blood sample collection method.

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Do You Have An Instruction Video?

Collecting a finger-prick blood sample is a quick and easy process providing you follow the correct technique. This form of blood testing is new to most people, so we’ve created a simple ‘how to’ video to help you get it right. If you follow our tips our lab will have

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Can I Get My Blood Taken At A Clinic?

Our finger prick blood test kits include everything you need to take your sample and send it back to our lab. Including lancets, test tubes, sterilising wipes, plasters, lab request form and a pre-paid envelope for you to return your sample to our lab.

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When Should I Collect My Blood Sample?

A phlebotomy blood sample (also known as venous) is where the blood is collected from the vein. A finger prick blood test (also known as capillary) is one that is collected from the finger using a lancet that pricks the finger with a small, sharp needle.

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What Is A Phlebotomy Test?

Phlebotomy means that the blood sample is drawn directly from a vein and must be done by a qualified healthcare professional. Some of our largest tests such as Ultimate and Vitality require a larger sample of blood so can only be done by a phlebotomy blood sample.

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Are Finger Prick Tests Easy To Do?

Essentially yes, anyone can collect the sample required easily and quickly providing they follow the instructions given. Our finger prick kits contain 3-4 small lancets that pierce the skin. You may need to gently massage your finger to help the droplets of blood form and drop into the tube. There are a few more tips that you can follow to help you collect your sample successfully.

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How Do I Arrange A Phlebotomy Draw Myself?

To arrange a phlebotomy draw yourself, you will need to contact your GP or local health clinic and book an appointment. We will post a phlebotomy kit directly to you when your place your order which will contain everything the health professional will need to do the blood draw.

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