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Vitamin B12 Test

Check your active vitamin B12 levels with a home finger prick test analysed at accredited UK labs.

This finger prick test measures the active form of B12 which is the most accurate means of measuring your level of vitamin B12 (as opposed to total B12). Active B12 is the best early indicator of B12 deficiency.  

Vitamin B12 (along with folate) plays an essential role in the formation of red blood cells and also has a key role in nerve health. The human body doesn’t produce Vitamin B12, so it has to be absorbed through diet. Low levels of this essential vitamin can leave you feeling tired and weak while prolonged deficiency can lead to anaemia.

Test cost:
Test type: finger prick
Estimated turnaround
2 days
From receipt of sample

Why take a vitamin B12 test?

  • You want to check levels to ensure your diet is ok
  • You are suffering from low energy levels
  • You want to guard against anaemia

Benefits of vitamin B12 testing

By taking a home vitamin B12 blood test, you can get fast and accurate insights into your vitamin B12 levels.

If you’re experiencing a lack of energy or feelings of weakness, this test could identify whether a B12 deficiency is at the root of those issues.

By the same token, those who are simply being proactive about assessing their health and guarding against any future deficiency or anaemia will benefit from this accurate insight into existing levels.

Given that the body does not produce vitamin B12, our intake has to come from diet, a blood test to check your levels is an excellent indicator as to whether improvements might be needed to your diet in order to prevent a deficiency.

Our test is a quick and simple finger prick test carried out at home. Within a couple of days of our lab receiving your sample by post, you will have your vitamin B12 results in a simple, easy to read dashboard, where you can also track your levels over time.

Key benefits when using Forth testing

Fast & accurate

Fast & accurate analysis from accredited laboratory


Tests can be done at home


Secure access to online results

Online dashboard

Online dashboard which tracks results over time

Included in this test

Vitamins & minerals

Tested biomarkers
  • Active B12

How it works

Collect sample

We will send you a finger prick kit to use at home

Post sample

Pop your sample in the post to us using a pre-paid envelope

Online results

View your results on your secure personal health dashboard

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Test cost: £39.00

Estimated turnaround 2 days From receipt of sample

Test type: finger prick

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