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Become your personal best by understanding what your body needs to thrive with our range of general wellbeing home blood tests. You will gain a deeper insight into the essential biomarkers, integral to good health. Our range of profiles cover everything from heart, bone, liver, and kidney, through to thyroid health. By using our ‘add more markers’ function you can also create your own unique test focusing on what’s important to you.

Win at Life

Whether you’re training for your first half marathon or you just want to feel better, our Baseline Plus test plan has you covered. It is our best selling, tracking package that measures 22 key biomarkers, which you can repeat at a frequency of your choice, and is designed to help you optimise your health. It covers liver health, heart health, thyroid function, pre-diabetes check, as well as key vitamins such as vitamin B12, ferritin (iron), cortisol, folate, calcium and vitamin D.

Alternatively, our Baseline blood test checks 16 key biomarkers and covers all the same areas apart from pre-diabetes check, cortisol, folate, calcium and hs-CRP.

Baseline Plus
Per test
22 Biomarkers Included
Our best selling health check measuring 22 essential biomarkers for good health and wellbeing.
Per test
16 Biomarkers Included
Put your wellbeing to the test with our baseline health check.

Navigate your way to Ultimate health

If you are wanting to go deeper, then our Vitality and Ultimate profiles are our biggest health checks, covering a much wider range of biomarkers, which means they require blood which is drawn from a vein.

48 Biomarkers Included
Our best value wellbeing check measuring over 45 biomarkers.

Our Vitality home blood test checks 45 biomarkers that are key to overall wellbeing. It includes immune health, heart, liver and kidney health, thyroid function, pre-diabetes check and tests key biomarkers essential for muscle function and energy production as well as key nutrients such as vitamin B12, magnesium, ferritin, iron, calcium and vitamin D. Our Ultimate home blood test is just that, it is our most advanced health check covering 50 biomarkers – good for full body check-up.

56 Biomarkers Included
Our biggest health check analysing over 50 biomarkers.

Other Wellness tests

Liver Health
7 Biomarkers Included
Our liver test kit checks how your liver is performing.
1 Biomarkers Included
Check your body's level of inflammation.
Immune Health
21 Biomarkers Included
Test the key biomarkers which support a healthy immune system.
Thyroid Check
3 Biomarkers Included
Discover how well your thyroid is functioning.
Advanced Thyroid Check
5 Biomarkers Included
Test thyroid function together with thyroid antibodies.

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