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It’s important we have the right amount of nutrition to keep our bodies and minds healthy. Whether you are embarking on a new diet, want to check if you have a vitamin deficiency or training for your first half marathon, our range of nutrition blood tests give you deeper insight into your nutritional levels so you can ensure your diet is giving your body everything it needs. 

Take the Guess Work out of Your Nutrition & Health

Our Nutricheck home blood test helps you identify vitamin deficiencies which could be impacting your mood, energy levels or overall muscle strength. It also tests key biomarkers essential to your heart, liver and thyroid health. All of which can have an impact on your overall wellbeing. Key vitamins included in this test are active B12, calcium, vitamin D and magnesium. The test also includes cholesterol, folate, ferritin, iron and hs-CRP.

13 Biomarkers Included
Test key vitamins and minerals essential for energy and good health.

are you eating
a vegan diet?

Whether you’ve been a lifelong vegan or have recently changed to a plant-based diet, it’s important to ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs. Our Vegan Blood test measures key nutrients that can be lacking in a vegan diet as they are more readily available from eating meat, fish or dairy products. These include vitamin B12, calcium, ferritin, folate and vitamin D. These vitamins ensure your bones are healthy and you are getting enough energy and iron from your diet.

Vegan Blood Test
5 Biomarkers Included
Check key nutrients which can become deficient when following a vegan diet.

Vitamin B12 is one key vitamin that vegans are most at risk of being deficient in, which is why we’ve also created a single vitamin B12 test. This blood tests checks your levels of active B12 which is more readily available for our bodies to use, as opposed to total B12.

Vitamin B12 Test
1 Biomarkers Included
Home test to identify low and deficient levels of vitamin B12.

Is Your Diet
Heart Healthy?

If your diet is high in unsaturated fats, sugar and salt, yet low on fruit, vegetables and fibre then you may be putting your heart health at risk. Our cholesterol test checks your levels of both good and bad cholesterol as well as total cholesterol.

Our Omega 6 and 3 ratio checks if you have the balance right between saturated and unsaturday fats. Omega 6 is a fatty acid that increases inflammation in the body, whereas omega 3 helps reduce the amount of inflammation. Unfortunately, many modern day diets contain 10-times more omega 6 than omega 3. Keep within the 3:1 recommended ration will help reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Cholesterol Check
5 Biomarkers Included
Check your levels of good and bad cholesterol.
Omega 6 and 3 Test
1 Biomarkers Included
Check your body's omega 6 and 3 ratio.

Other Nutrition tests

Vitamin D Test
1 Biomarkers Included
Home blood test to check the body's level of vitamin D,
HbA1c (pre-diabetes) Test
1 Biomarkers Included
Check your body's average average blood glucose level.
Ferritin Blood Test
1 Biomarkers Included
Check if you body has sufficient iron.

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We have carefully and scientifically created a full range of tests to help you test and track your health, select one of the categories below to find the test that is right for you.