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Nutrition Tests

Whether you’re starting a new diet, want to check if you have a vitamin deficiency or training for your first half marathon, our range of nutrition blood tests give you deeper insight into your body’s nutritional levels.

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Nutricheck – Vitamin Deficiency Blood Test

Looking to improve your diet and get a better understanding of your overall health and nutrition? Nutricheck home blood test can help.

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Cholesterol Blood Test

If you're concerned about your heart health, our cholesterol home blood test is an easy and accurate way to check your levels.

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HbA1c Blood Test

Our HbA1c blood test is for anyone wanting to check for pre-diabetes, or managing type-2 diabetes.

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Vitamin D Blood Test

Do you often feel tired or rundown? These could be signs of a vitamin D deficiency. Check your vitamin D levels with our home blood test.

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Ferritin Blood Test

If you're feeling tired all the time and low on energy you could be suffering from low iron levels. Check with our ferritin blood test.

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Vitamin B12 Blood Test

Check if your low energy and fatigue could be due to a lack of vitamin B12 with our Active B12 home blood test.

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Pregnancy Nutrition Blood Test

Our Pregnancy Nutrition test will help check that your diet is giving you everything you need to support your energy levels and a growing baby.

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Anaemia Blood Test

Our anaemia home blood test will help identify if symptoms of low energy and fatigue could be due to deficiencies in iron, vitamin B12 or vitamin D.

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Magnesium Blood Test

Keep track of your magnesium levels with our at-home blood test.

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