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Offers & Sales Terms & Conditions

August 2022 promotion

  • Credit is applied when an account is set up during checkout and redeemed against your next purchase. If an account is not set up during checkout i.e. you’re purchasing a test for someone else, you will receive a voucher code. 
  • Credit will automatically be added to your account. 
  • Value is dependent on the test purchased.
  • The amount of credit/voucher does not increase for multiple quantities of the same test.
  • Credit/voucher code cannot be transferred as cash value. 
  • The credit/voucher amount excludes any additional biomarkers added to your test.
  • The voucher code may be transferred to someone else to use.
  • The voucher code can only be used once and within 12 months of the purchase
  • Discount vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with credit from an account
  • The offer ends at midnight on 31 August 2022. Forth has the right to stop or extend this promotion at any time.
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