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Sarah Bolt On The Future Of Forth

Author: Forth

May 6, 2021

Sarah bolt, founder & ceo of forth

“At Forth, we believe we can no longer ignore the importance of menstrual cycle hormones as the barometer of women’s health” – Sarah Bolt.

Forth Founder and CEO, Sarah Bolt, was recently interviewed by Techround UK where she discussed the ins and outs of how Forth has navigated the pandemic over the last year and how this evolution has prepared them for the next phase of the business.

With a new female hormone specific product launching soon, Sarah shares her thoughts on why there is a need for this new product, and why she wants to help create a product that helps female-specific issues such as perimenopause, PCOS and amenorrhea.

If you’d like to read what Sarah has to say, check out the interview here.


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