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Men's Health

Hormones play a key role in a man’s overall wellbeing with imbalances affecting mood, energy levels, bone and muscle mass, weight, sexual function, and fertility. Whether you want to improve sports performance, or find the cause of changes affecting your wellbeing, then our male hormone tests can provide insight into your hormone levels. 

Raise your game
By optimising your hormones

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Testosterone is the main male hormone and the most common marker to be measured, However, measuring testosterone in isolation only gives you a partial picture and it’s important to also gain insight into the hormones that control testosterone production. These are luteinising hormone (LH) and prolactin both of which can reduce the amount of testosterone being produced.

Whilst measuring control hormones such as luteinising hormones and other transport proteins will provide a fuller picture. Our male hormone test also includes total free testosterone, SHBG, oestradiol, thyroid hormones and the stress hormone cortisol. Gaining insight into your male hormones will help you to optimise your performance, build muscle, as well as improving mood and reducing fatigue.

Male Hormones
12 Biomarkers Included
At home hormone test including testosterone to check for any imbalances.

Gain insight
to improve performance

Testosterone is the main male hormone measured in blood and effects multiple functions in the body. Testosterone supports body composition and maintains haemoglobin levels to carry oxygen round the body. Low levels of testosterone will result in reduced libido and fatigue. Our testosterone check blood test measures total testosterone and is the most common biomarker measured.

Total testosterone includes bound and free testosterone within the body. The majority of testosterone is bound, predominately to the transport protein sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). So, it is possible to calculate free testosterone knowing total testosterone and SHBG levels – you can check your total and free testosterone levels using our male hormone home blood test.

Testosterone Test
1 Biomarkers Included
Finger prick blood test to measure total testosterone levels.

Other Male Hormone Tests

Cortisol Test
1 Biomarkers Included
Check adrenal function and stress
Thyroid Check
3 Biomarkers Included
Discover how well your thyroid is functioning.
Advanced Thyroid Check
5 Biomarkers Included
Test thyroid function together with thyroid antibodies.

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