Scientific Officer

Dr Michael Cornes

Consultant clinical scientist, FRCPath, BSc Biochemistry, MSc Clinical Biochemistry, PhD Biochemistry

Dr michael cornes

Biomarker testing requires detail and accuracy, and this is where Dr Michael Cornes excels.

With ten years experience as a consultant clinical scientist with the NHS, he has over 40 peer-reviewed scientific papers covering sample quality, an area that is particularly important when samples are being transported through the post. Michael works with Forth to ensure our processes and analytical techniques are to the highest quality possible in terms of accuracy. Determining normal biomarker ranges for the individual is also an area of expertise. Establishing individual base lines and profiles is a key aspect of what Forth offers through its subscription services. Michael has a particular interest and expertise in determining when biomarker changes are significant for the individual, rather than the wider average population.

A keen athlete, Michael has competed as an elite-level triathlete across Europe up to half-Ironman, and as a runner up to and including marathon distance. His next sporting ambition is a 100km cross-country race.

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Publications & Research

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