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Are finger prick tests easy to do?

Essentially yes, anyone can collect the sample required easily and quickly providing they follow the instructions given. Our finger prick kits contain 3-4 small lancets which pierce the skin. You will need to gently massage your finger to help the droplets of blood form and drop into the tube.

The most important tips to remember are:

  1. Make sure your body is well hydrated. If you are hydrated your capillary blood will be nearer the surface of your skin and blood will flow more easily. It is therefore essential that you drink at least a pint of water one hour before you start your collection.
  2. Make sure your hands are warm. As with hydration, warm hands will mean your blood is nearer to the surface. We, therefore, recommend you collect your sample after a shower, or simply soak your hands in warm water for four minutes before collecting your sample. 
  3. Make sure you press the lancet firmly onto your finger, if you do not press hard enough you may not get enough blood flowing from the finger prick.
  4. Do not massage your finger too hard as it can cause the blood vessels to burst and the lab may not be able to analyse the sample.

If you encounter any difficulties at all collecting your sample, please contact our customer support team for assistance at [email protected]. Please do not send samples that do not reach the required fill line as your sample is likely to fully or partially fail analysis.

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Last Updated: January 4, 2024

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