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General Health Tests

It’s time to take greater control of your health. A small blood sample is all it takes to check and improve areas of concern such as heart health, liver & kidney function, diet, bone health and immunity.

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Baseline Health Check
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A general health blood test that checks bone health, heart, liver and energy levels, and nutrition.

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Advanced Health Check

A comprehensive health test that checks bone health, heart, liver and thyroid function, energy levels, nutrition, immune & hormone health.

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Ultimate Health Check

Advanced health test that checks heart, liver, kidney, thyroid, and muscle function, nutrition, immune health, hormones and more.

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Advanced Energy Blood Test

Our Advanced Energy Blood Test checks a more comprehensive range of biomarkers to help indentify or rule out causes of low energy.

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Tiredness & Fatigue Blood Test

Tired all the time, exhausted, or fatigued? Our test checks thyroid function, along with key vitamins that contribute to energy production.

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Liver Function Test

Check your liver function and understand your risk of developing liver disease with our at home liver health test.

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Kidney Function Test

Check your kidney function and understand your risk of developing kidney disease with our at home kidney health test.

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Cholesterol Blood Test

If you're concerned about your heart health, our cholesterol home blood test is an easy and accurate way to check your levels.

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HbA1c Blood Test

Our HbA1c blood test is for anyone wanting to check for pre-diabetes, or managing type-2 diabetes.

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Immune Health Blood Test

Feeling run down or always getting sick? This test will help identify if your immune system is functioning properly.

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CRP Blood Test (hs-CRP)

Our high sensitivity CRP blood test can assess the amount of inflammation within the body.

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Vitamin D Blood Test

Do you often feel tired or rundown? These could be signs of a vitamin D deficiency. Check your vitamin D levels with our home blood test.

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Build your own test that’s specific to your health needs, choosing from our wide range of health markers.

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