Three steps towards a healthier and fitter life


Choose your test

  • Choose a test that best fits with your fitness goals or health area of focus.
  • Order your test and set up your secure Forth account.
  • Most of our tests only need a small sample of your blood which you can take yourself using a simple finger prick kit which we’ll post to you.
  • If a larger blood sample is needed we can arrange for you to visit a clinic nearest to your home or, if you prefer, we can arrange for a phlebotomist (a nurse specially trained in taking blood) to visit you at home or work.
  • Once our laboratory receives your sample, your test results will be made available via your Forth account within a few days. 


Understand more about your health

  • Your biomarker test results are available via your secure online Forth account and are displayed in an easy-to-understand visual format.
  • We’ll give you clear information on each biomarker, showing you where your results lie.
  • You can choose to share your results with your GP or any other health professional.
  • Once you have established your biomarker baselines, Forth helps you to track them over time. We recommend re-testing every 3-4 months to see your progress.


Improve your health, fitness and performance

Image of test results on an iPad
  • Along with your results we’ll give you information about the types of foods which can help optimise biomarkers.
  • From metabolic to cardiovascular health, your results are summarised in your own personal health dashboard. This gives you an overall picture of the different health areas of your body.
  • Your red blood cells regenerate every 120 days so by re-testing it’s easy to track the progress your actions are making toward your health goals. 

Note: The tests Forth offers are intended to improve wellbeing and optimise sports performance. The test results are for information purposes only. Forth does not interpret your results, offer clinical advice or diagnosis. If you do have concerns about your health, please discuss these directly with your GP.

Piers , 22

Forth provided and excellent service. I was able to have my bloods taken from a clinic close by and my results came through very quickly.


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