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Forth Launches Next Gen Personal Health Platform ‘HealthCoach’

Author: Forth

March 7, 2024

Advanced health home blood test - healthcoach scores
  • HealthCoach is the first home testing platform to convert complex biomarker results into easy-to-understand health scores.
  • The built in sophisticated algorithms mathematically pinpoint the key areas to focus which have the maximum impact in improving your health. 
  • In a move towards greater personalisation, HealthCoach sets personalised incremental targets for each biomarker
  • HealthCoach is available as an app (Google Play and App Store) and as a web-based tool

One of the UK’s leading personal home testing companies, Forth have launched their next gen personal health platform, HealthCoach. HealthCoach is a significant advancement in the interpretation of blood test results (from home kits), offering deeper more comprehensive insight into personalised health. The platform translates complex biomarker scores into easy-to-understand information with the identification of key health areas for the individual to improve and medically-backed advice on how to achieve this. The platform is accessible by app and by a web-based tool. 

Traditionally, lab results are communicated as individual data points within a reference range using medical terminology such as Triglycerides or Alanine Aminotransferase which often have little meaning to the individual user. HealthCoach removes this block unlocking deep and impactful insight to users about their health. After interpreting blood results and translating them into scores for ten key areas of health, Forth’s sophisticated algorithms then identify what specific area to focus on, for each person, that will have the biggest impact on improving their health score. HealthCoach then goes further in providing support to people in their progress from using personalised incremental targets to reminder notifications and improvement tips. 

Dr Tom Phillips Head of Clinical Services at Forth commented: 

“HealthCoach is Forth’s most advanced integration tool yet. We have been working hard to design a system that understands your body’s systems don’t work in isolation and are integrated networks that rely on each other for optimal function. The platform understands this and provides individual feedback and targets based on your profile and results. HealthCoach then guides you on ways to improve your biomarker landscape and ultimately lead to better health and wellbeing. We have paid particular attention to developing a platform which personalises advice for women who may be taking hormone treatment (such as hormone contraception or HRT) and our algorithms also take information on a woman’s menstrual cycle.” 

Advanced health home blood test - healthcoach scores

The ten key categories that HealthCoach has developed include heart, hormone, metabolic, nutrition, bone & muscle and mental health. Plugging the biomarker data from Forth’s proven remote blood testing kits, the platform calculates a score for each area and then mathematically pinpoints the specific biomarkers the user should concentrate on for maximum health improvement. The next gen health platform translates blood results into easy-to-understand health information. This makes it easier for people to understand and remain motivated to improve their health and integrate changes into their daily habits.

Sarah Bolt, co-founder and CEO at Forth with Life said:

“Having been one of the pioneers in the home testing sector, we wanted to use our 8+ years of experience to develop the next generation technology platform that really helps people to gain a deeper understanding of their health and also supports them in improving it. Our goal is simple: to not only improve health but to extend health span, enabling our customers to enjoy richer, fuller and longer lives.”

The launch of HealthCoach comes off the back of 18 months development and testing with Forth’s clinical and technical experts. During the beta phase, Forth undertook an extensive feasibility study funded by Smart Cymru’s Innovation grant.

HealthCoach comes from the team behind MyFORM, the UK’s first ever female hormone mapping blood test. Collectively, Forth uses software and mathematics to advance insight into an individual’s biomarker health, providing a secure health dashboard focused on health prevention.  This next-gen advancement comes at a time when the UK’s health resources are under increasing strain whilst health disorders are on the rise, particularly with obesity levels and an ageing population. 

In the UK, expenditure on healthcare accounted for 11.3% of the economy in 2022, with the private healthcare sector thought to be worth over £13bn in 2023. Average spend per head on healthcare is on the increase with an average of over £3000 in 2023 as more individuals choose to pro-actively manage their health. 

Access to Forth’s HealthCoach is now available from £49. You can try before buying by viewing a demo report.

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