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Can I Collect My Sample If I am Taking Medication Or Supplements?


Some medications, such as antibiotics, can influence your results while others won’t. So it’s always best to check with us first if you are on any medication by contacting [email protected]

We will advise you on whether to take the test or if it’s best to wait until you’ve completed your course of medication.


You can still take the test if you are taking supplements. Your result may help you ascertain if you need to increase or reduce your dosage. We recommend you collect your blood sample while following your usual routine. 

If you would like to know what your ‘natural’ level would be without taking supplements then we recommend that a period of 6 weeks elapses from your last supplement to taking the test.

If are taking supplements when taking the test, we ask that you provide this information on your profile.

Learn more about taking a blood test while taking HRT or hormonal contraception.

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