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How do I set up and access my account?

When you purchase a test from us on the website you will be asked to set up your account as part of the checkout process. Use the login details you created during checkout to log into your account on the website.

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How secure is my data?

We have strict processes in place to ensure the protection of our customer's data. Following GDPR the company also operates under tight legal rules about the sharing of data which ensures that data is only shared if it is crucial to the delivery of our service. For example, our doctors see customer results at the time of review, however, after review, access to results is withdrawn.

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How is my information stored?

Some biomarkers are sensitive and can fluctuate depending on the time taken or if any food has been consumed. The results we provide are accurate at the time you took the sample.

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How do I activate my kit?

You can easily activate your kit by following a simple set of instructions, click the link below to read the instructions. If you have sent your sample back without activating your kit, please get in touch and we can activiate your kit for you so you can view your results.

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