Thyroid Test

Our home thyroid test will give you an in depth insight into your thyroid health by assessing T3, T4 and TSH levels.

It is estimated that as many as 1 in 20 people in the UK will experience a thyroid disorder in their lifetime, yet many people with such disorders don’t even know they have them.

The typical symptoms of an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) or an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) can include weight gain or loss, tiredness, muscle weakness and low moods.

However, these symptoms could be caused by any number of other things too. So the best way to identify any potential problem is with a thyroid function blood test. Ours is an efficient and cost effective alternative to clinic private thyroid tests.

Our home thyroid blood test kit includes the three main markers recommended by the British Thyroid Foundation to identify problems:

  • Thyroxine (T4)
  • Thiiodothyronine (T3)
  • Thyroid Stimulating hormone

Thyroid function blood tests might not be accurate during illness, so avoid taking this test at these times.

Test cost:
Test type: finger prick
Estimated turnaround
2 days
From receipt of sample

Why take a thryoid test?

  • You’re concerned you may have an underactive or overactive thyroid
  • You have recently experienced weight gain or weight loss and would like to identify a potential reason for it
  • You’ve been experiencing muscle weakness, fatigue and a lack of energy
  • To track your thyroid function over time in order to monitor the progress of an existing condition

Benefits of thyroid testing

Many of us will experience a thyroid disorder in our lives and a T3, T4 and thyroxine test is a fast and accurate way to identify whether you have a thyroid imbalance.

By identifying any problems with your thyroid, you can take the necessary measures to rectify the problem and alleviate the symptoms that typically come with it.

Our thyroid imbalance tests take the form of a simple finger prick blood test you take at home. Simply post the sample back to our lab and within days you will have access to your T3, T4 and TSH level results in a clear dashboard.

Key benefits when using Forth testing

Fast & accurate

Fast & accurate analysis from accredited laboratory


Tests can be done at home


Secure access to online results

Online dashboard

Online dashboard which tracks results over time

Included in this test


Tested biomarkers
  • Triiodothyronine (T3, free)
  • Thyroxine (T4, free direct)
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

How it works

Collect sample

We will send you a finger prick kit to use at home

Post sample

Pop your sample in the post to us using a pre-paid envelope

Online results

View your results on your secure personal health dashboard

Holly , 39

I enlisted the help of Forth to help me get to the bottom of my current health concerns. The Female Hormone test is really easy to do, just provide a small blood sample from the comfort of your own home and pop in the post. Within 3 days Forth emailed my results back to me. I can't thank Forth enough for dealing with my results so quickly which has meant I can take the action needed to get my hormones back to normal.

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Test cost: £59.00

Estimated turnaround 2 days From receipt of sample

Test type: finger prick

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