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Covid-19 Past Infection Antibody Test

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This coronavirus antibody test is a gold standard laboratory test by Roche that checks for the presence of coronavirus IgG & IgM antibodies due to a past infection. Simply collect your blood sample at home using our CE marked antibody test kit and post direct to our UKAS accredited lab for quick analysis
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What Is The
COVID-19 Antibody
Blood Test?

This coronavirus antibody test is a finger prick blood test using the Roche assay which has been CE marked for capillary blood collection. This is a gold standard test, which is 100% specific and 97% sensitive.  Studies have shown that antibodies can be detected at least 6 months after infection. Results are given as a positive or negative result. Please note this test will not detect antibodies from vaccination to Covid-19, so should be used only to identify a past infection.

When to take This test

It is important that you take your blood sample a minimum of 14 days following a positive PCR test or 14 days after the onset of coronavirus symptoms. This will give your body time to generate antibodies.

finger prick test
Important Information

Accuracy of results
This test is 100% specific and 97% sensitive. This means that there is the chance that 3 in 100 people may receive a false negative.  

Posting your sample
Your sample should be posted back the same day you collect it in a priority post box. Please make a note of your tracking number. The stability time of this test is seven days.

Display of results
Your results will be available within 2 working days of receipt and will be displayed as a positive or negative result.

Vaccine Antibodies
This test will detect naturally developed antibodies and will not detect antibodies provided by a vaccine.

Over 18s only
The test is only available for people aged over 18 years.

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Frequently asked questions

 Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you need anything else try our help section.

  • How long do coronavirus antibodies last?

    New studies have been carried out amongst healthcare workers that have identified coronavirus antibodies can last at least 6 months. The study was carried out at Oxford University Hospitals where staff were regularly tested for COVID-19 infections and antibodies.

  • What accreditations do your labs hold?

    All our lab partners hold UKAS 15189 accreditation, the gold standard for laboratory analysis.

  • How accurate is the test?

    Validation studies found the test to be 97% sensitive and 100% specific. This means that out of every 100 people who have had coronavirus, 3 may receive a false negative. Please note that this test may not accurately detect antibodies in people who have compromised immune systems because their antibody response may be slower or weakened.

  • What will my results look like?

    Your results will be displayed as a positive or negative. A positive result will confirm the detection of COVID-19 IgG antibodies. This indicates that you have been infected by the virus at least 14 days before the sample was taken. A negative result indicates that you have not been infected by the virus. Please note that it is possible that a negative result may be returned if the infection was mild or if the sample was taken too soon.

  • Can I buy tests for my children?

    Unfortunately, our service and therefore this test is strictly for adults aged 18 years and over.

  • Can companies order tests for their employees?

    Yes, if you are an employer and would to order multiple tests for your employees please email us.

  • How long do I need to wait for my results?

    Your results will be available within 2 working days of your sample arriving at our lab. You will receive a text/email when your results are available to view. You can view your results by logging onto your secure account either through your browser of you can download our results app from the Apple or Android store.

  • What's in the blood collection kit?

    The blood test kit will include all you need to collect your sample including 3 lancets, a microcontainer and a Tracked 24 reply envelope. Posted with your kit you will also find a lab request form. It is vitally important that you fill this in and attach the completed labels to the tube. Please be sure to spend a few minutes reading the instructions in the kit thoroughly before collecting your sample.

  • Why should I wait 14 days before doing a test?

    IgG antibodies take time to form in the blood after an infection. Validation work indicates that IgG antibodies in response to COVID-19 become detectable a minimum of 14 days after infection. There is therefore the risk of receiving a false negative result if the sample is taken too soon.

  • Will antibodies still be detectable if I had symptoms months ago?

    Antibodies created in response to viruses and bacteria can last years and sometimes a lifetime. In the case of COVID-19 we still do not know enough about the virus to confirm how much immunity the antibodies will give us or for how long. However, a recent study by Oxford University Hospitals found that antibodies can still be detectable at least 6 months after infection.

  • Does a positive result give me immunity

    A positive result indicating the presence of IgG antibodies to an infectious virus can imply a degree of immunity. However, in the case of COVID-19 we still do not know enough about the virus and to what extent immunity is conferred or for how long.

  • Should I do this test if I think I have coronavirus?

    No, this test will not tell you if you currently have coronavirus, that is done using a PCR swab test. This is an antibody test. A positive result will suggest a past infection of COVID-19, a negative result will mean that no COVID-19 antibodies have been detected at the time of collecting your sample. If you are worried you may have coronavirus please visit the NHS website to see the most up to date Government guidelines or go to the NHS 111 website if you are feeling unwell.

  • Can I buy multiple tests?

    Unfortunately, only one test per transaction. This is due to the safety protocols in place at our lab which ensures each order has a unique identifying number which is then matched to your blood sample upon arrival.

  • Can I buy a test if I live outside the UK?

    Our service is available within the UK only, if you live outside this territory you will not be able to buy this test.

  • How do I return my sample to the lab for analysis?

    You can return the sample back to the lab in the pre-paid reply envelope found within the kit. Royal Mail are still experiencing some delays at the moment, so please post your sample in a priority post box and make a note of your tracking number. Visit the Royal Mail website to find a priority post box near you.

  • How do I collect the blood sample?

    Unless you suffer with poor circulation in your hands, you should have no problem collecting your blood sample. In the kit you will find 3 lancets which are used widely throughout the NHS. Simply press a lancet to the side of a finger to create a pin-prick. Then massage your hand and let the blood droplets fall into the small tube. There are a few simple tips you can follow on the instruction guide in the kit to make the collection quick and simple, such as making sure your hands are warm and drinking water beforehand.

Service Status

Kit Dispatch

Kits ordered before 1pm from Monday to Friday continue to be dispatched same day via First Class Royal Mail. After 1pm your kit will be dispatched the next working day. Orders placed on the weekend will be despatched Monday.

Postal Service

There may be some delays in parts of the UK occurring, we recommend posting into a priority post box. Click here for updates on the Royal Mail service. Click here for updates on the Royal Mail service.

Lab Analysis

Our labs are operating as normal.

Doctor/nurse reviews

Our doctors and nurses are currently working remotely and continue to review results.

Home phlebotomy appointments

Our home phlebotomy service is running but please be aware, if you or anyone in your household have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 14 days, due to the current government guidelines, we are unable to arrange an appointment at this time. Due to a high demand for nurses, along with current covid restrictions around the UK, there may be a delay in providing an appointment.

Customer service

Our customer service team are currently working from home, available to answer any questions via email.

Results dashboard

You can continue to access your results as normal either through your browser or via our iOS or Android app.


If you are an employer and would like to order multiple tests for your employees, please complete the form below.