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What is included in my finger prick test kit?

Our finger prick blood test kits include everything you need to take your sample and send it back to our lab. Including lancets, test tubes, sterilising wipes, plasters, lab request form and a pre-paid envelope for you to return your sample to our lab.

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What is included in my phlebotomy test kit?

Our phlebotomy test kits include everything required by the nurse to take your blood sample using a syringe. If you have ordered the COVID-19 antibody test, the nurse will arrive with the tube and syringe to collect your sample, you will receive the lab request form, plastic case, and returns envelope.

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Do you prescribe medication?

As a wellbeing company we are not able to issue prescriptions, however if your levels are low our UK registered doctors will give you some advice as to how to improve them. You can also download your results to show your GP.

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How do I arrange a phlebotomy draw myself?

To arrange a phlebotomy draw yourself, you will need to contact your GP or local health clinic and book an appointment. We will post a phlebotomy kit directly to you when your place your order which will contain everything the health professional will need to do the blood draw.

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Order your home blood test online and we’ll deliver it straight to your letterbox.

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Our finger prick blood test kit has everything you need. Just collect your sample, and return it to our accredited lab, using the Tracked-24 envelope supplied.

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Your blood test results will be reviewed by our healthcare team and uploaded to your dashboard within 24-48hrs. Along with simple explanations and expert advice on how to make improvements.

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