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The real power of biomarker testing comes by tracking your biomarkers over time.

identify problematic areas

Your first test functions as a health screen enabling you to identify problematic areas.

It also acts as a baseline from which you can gauge change.



Your second test measures the change in your internal health from improvements you may have made to your lifestyle.

Our bodies are unique which means we all react differently, so it's important to find out what actions work best for you, whether this is changes in nutrition, exercise or just taking time out to de-stress.



Your third test gives you the data you need to establish a trend and build a picture of your body's own unique biomarker profile.

From here you can get an early warning if your health starts to go downhill or find out when you've made significant improvements.


We recommend

We recommend you gather three data points within the first 12 months to establish your trend, followed by checks every six months to ensure you are on-track.

Our world leading biomarker dashboard will track your data over time, allowing you to see the progress you are making. The dashboard will also give you simplified information on each marker, so you can truly understand your health as well as see tips to help you improve.