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Better You Health Check

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Contains 2 Tests To Be Taken 10-12 Weeks Apart

Challenge yourself to improve key biomarkers essential for good health between two tests. Measure and track your levels of B12, folate, ferritin, vitamin D and cholesterol. By improving these biomarkers between tests you can optimise your energy levels, improve your mood, support your immune system, heart health and bone and muscle strength.
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Why Track Biomarkers?

This twin-pack test kit enables you to check your levels of key biomarkers essential to overall wellbeing. The first test will highlight any deficiencies you may have as well as providing a heart health analysis by measuring your cholesterol levels and triglycerides.

Once you have this data, you will be able to make the necessary changes to your diet and exercise routine to help optimise your health. It’s the small, incremental changes that will lead to longer term gains in energy, mood, bone and muscle strength as well as heart health.

Retesting will enable you to see whether the improvements you’ve made to your lifestyle have helped change your results.

Tracking biomarkers over time will enable you to build up a picture of your own biomarker profile that’s unique to you. Allowing you to spot any changes early on.

How To Take This Test

The Better You Health Check contains two test kits. The box is labelled 'Test 1' and 'Test 2'. Take the first test labelled 'Test 1' when the kit arrives to identify areas for improvement. Then retest 10-12 weeks later using 'Test 2' to see if your lifestyle changes have improved your results.

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Biohack Your Way To
Better Health

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Vitamin D
of customers improved their vitamin D results between tests.
Vitamin B12
of customers improved their B12 results between tests.

Let’s face it, most of us want more energy, better sleep and to be able to achieve our fitness goals. By tracking the vitamins and minerals in this test you will be able to optimise your way to better health. You will also be able to proactively manage your longer term wellbeing by understanding you heart health. So, how do the biomarkers in this test help you improve your health?

Energy Levels

Vitamin B12, folate (B9), vitamin D and ferritin all play a role in energy production.

B12, folate and ferritin all contribute to the formation of red blood cells which contain haemoglobin. The main role of haemoglobin is to carry oxygen around the body. So low levels of B12 and folate can result in fewer red blood cells or low levels of haemoglobin leading to fatigue and weakness.

Ferritin measures the amount of iron stored in the body and also plays a key role in red blood cell production. Low ferritin levels can indicate iron deficiency anaemia which causes tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin D is also vital for energy and low levels can result in tiredness.


There is growing evidence that vitamin D and B12 play a vital role in brain function and low levels can impact our mood contributing to depression.

Immune Health

Vitamin D is not only crucial for bone health but it also plays a role in immune health as well. Low levels could contribute to the increased frequency of illnesses such as colds and flu.

Keeping Your

A key part of optimising your fitness is to ensure our hearts are healthy. This means eating a balanced diet rich in fibre, vegetables and fruit, and low in salt, fat and sugar. Plus, exercising regularly.

Another key part of optimising our heart health is tracking cholesterol levels. Cholesterol plays a key role in our body from helping to maintain healthy cells to aiding the absorption of nutrients. But high levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol can indicate a risk of developing heart disease.

Checking your HDL (good), LDL and triglyceride levels will give an indication of heart health. High LDL levels can be managed through diet, helping to increase the good cholesterol which in turn will help reduce your levels of bad cholesterol.

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improve your unique self

Want to improve your health & wellbeing? Forth gives you insight into your body’s key biomarkers. By tracking essential markers overtime you can build a picture of your own unique self and discover how your body responds to the changes you make so you can reach your personal best.

Frequently asked questions

Take the guess work out of your health. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked. If you need anything else try our help section.

  • When should I retest?

    We advise retesting 3 months after your first test to allow any changes you’ve made to have an impact on the biomarkers you are wanting to improve.

  • What if my levels are normal?

    Even if your results come back within the normal ranges, it’s good to retest so you can begin to create your own, unique biomarker profile.  By getting 3 or more data points will enable you to establish what’s normal for you and identify any changes quickly.

  • Is this a subscription product?

    No, our twin-pack test kit is not a subscription product. If you want to do another test after the first two, then you can simply order another pack.

  • Can I add more biomarkers to this test?

    Yes. Simply click the ‘customise this test’ button to add more biomarkers to your test.

  • How is my blood sample collected?

    The test is a home finger prick test kit. It will come with everything you need to collect your blood sample and post back to our UKAS accredited lab for analysis. You can find out more by visiting our help section.

  • Do the results come with any comments from a doctor?

    Yes. All test results are reviewed by a doctor or nurse and any levels outside of the normal range will be commented on by one of our doctors who will offer advice on improving your results.  If you prefer not to have your results reviewed by a doctor, you can opt-out during checkout.

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