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Two Test Kit
Whats Included?
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Female Hormone MappingBETA

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This ground-breaking product maps how the 4 key female hormones fluctuate over your entire cycle rather than just a single day. Combining blood analysis with artificial intelligence and clinical expertise, our algorithm uses 8 lab results to plot how each of your hormones fluctuates throughout your cycle, totally unique to you. Giving you unparalleled insight into your menstrual cycle, whether you want to improve your wellbeing, optimise sports performance, are entering the perimenopause or are thinking about starting a family.
What's Included?
*T&Cs: Female Hormone Mapping is a subscription test. The £30 discount only applies to the first test. All subsequent test will be charged at the full RRP of £129. You can cancel the subscription at any time. Excludes the cost of a phlebotomy test. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Introductory offer ends on 30/06/2021.

You. Mapped out.

Navigate the fluctuations of your hormones for a better understanding of your body.

Female hormone levels rise and fall significantly during each menstrual cycle in an intricate web of internal feedback mechanisms. Up until now, this complexity has made it difficult for women to find the answers they need.

Female Hormone Mapping™ offers ground-breaking and unparalleled insight into your personal menstrual cycles by mapping how your four key hormones fluctuate throughout your entire menstrual cycle. Your report will show if these fluctuations are as expected, as well as providing an action plan on the steps you can take to improve your wellbeing. This test is useful for all women and can provide more certainty to those who think they may be in the perimenopause.

How To Take This Test

This is a double test kit. Blood samples to be collected on day 14 and day 21 of your menstrual cycle. Not suitable for women on hormonal contraception, HRT or women with cycles less than 22 days or more than 40 days.

Add Some Science

Combining artificial intelligence, with blood analysis and clinical expertise

To map how the four main female hormones fluctuate throughout your menstrual cycle we apply a combination of blood analysis, artificial intelligence, and endocrinology expertise. The result is your own personal hormone curve for each of your four hormones, which is entirely unique to you.

We use the gold standard of hormone analysis, using finger prick blood samples collected on day 14 and day 21 of your cycle to measure the two ovarian response hormones (Oestradiol, Progesterone) and the two control hormones (Follicle Stimulating Hormone and Luteinising Hormone).

For All Your Lives

Track the responsiveness of your hormone network, throughout your life

In addition to providing the personal fluctuation curves for each of the four female hormones, we use all eight of your results to measure how well your entire hormone network is functioning.

Hormones do not work in isolation but operate as a network, with the control hormones rising to trigger the ovaries to produce Oestradiol and Progesterone. We have developed a unique FORM (Forth Ovarian Responsiveness Metric) score to identify how well your hormone network is functioning.

Your FORM score is presented as a number between 0-100 and can be used by women to track changes in their ovarian responsiveness through their menstrual life. For women over 40, tracking your FORM score can, alongside associated symptoms, give confirmation of the onset of the perimenopause, the speed of transition towards the menopause as well as helping to make informed decisions regarding HRT.  

No Comparison

Because no two women are the same, we provide personalised insight and expert recommendations, so you can make the right changes for you.

Your results will be accompanied by detailed commentary from our Chief Medical Officer and endocrinology specialist Dr Nicky Keay.

By telling us how you are feeling across five key wellbeing metrics, we’ll help you understand the relationship between hormone variations and how you feel. You’ll also receive a personal action plan of what to do next to help improve your wellbeing and optimise your quality of life.

Dr Nicky Keay

Your hormone variations are personal to you. This is why it can be challenging to find answers that are relevant to you as an individual woman. Which is where Female Hormone Mapping comes in, giving you that individualised insight

Dr Nicky Keay
Chief Medical Officer & endcrinology expert

Who is Female Hormone Mapping™ For?

Female Hormone Mapping™ is designed for women who are experiencing natural menstrual cycles.
  • Women who want to check their hormones are fluctuating as expected and are seeking a better understanding of their hormones in order to  improve their wellbeing.
  • Women who want to find out if they are in the perimenopause, or who want to track the speed of their transition towards the menopause. 
  • Exercisers and athletes who want to perform to their personal best throughout their cycle and ensure their hormones are not being compromised by their training load and fuelling strategies. In addition, it will help women whose menstrual cycles have recently resumed following recovery from RED-S (relative energy deficiency in sport).
  • Women who want to identify or manage a condition or may be thinking about trying to start a family.

Female Hormone MappingTM is not designed for women who are currently using hormonal contraceptives or HRT.

The next generation of female hormone blood testing

Frequently asked questions

 Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you need anything else try our help section.

  • What hormones does this product measure?

    Our Female Hormone Mapping™ product measures the four key female hormones. These are Oestradiol (the main form of Oestrogen), Progesterone, Follicular Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinising Hormone (LH).

  • Should I change the test days if I have a longer or shorter cycle?

    No, our algorithm will adjust your curves to the length of your personal cycle, so it is important that you collect your samples as close to day 14 and 21 as possible, even if you have a longer or shorter than average cycle.

  • What do I do if my day 14 or day 21 doesn’t fall on a Mon-Thurs?

    If your day 14 or 21 falls on a Friday, we recommend you collect your sample the day before. If your day 14 or 21 falls over the weekend, collect your sample on the following Monday and remember to post in a priority post box in time for that day’s collection.

  • What are the control hormones and what do they do?

    Follicular Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinising Hormone (LH) are known as the control hormones and are produced by the pituitary gland. These hormones control the production of the ovarian response hormones, Oestradiol and Progesterone. 

  • What are ovarian response hormones?

    Oestradiol (the main form of Oestrogen) and Progesterone are ovarian response hormones which are produced by the ovaries. Their production is stimulated by the control hormones FSH and LH. If the control hormones are low, then the ovarian response hormones are also likely to be low. The exception to this is in later life (over 40) when the control hormones start to rise as ovarian responsiveness starts to decline i.e. the transition towards the menopause.

  • What is an Ovarian Response Score?

    The Forth Ovarian Response Metric (FORM) is a unique and innovative evaluation of the functioning of the hormone network. This score takes into account all your hormone results rather than looking at any one in isolation. A score above 75 suggests a healthy ovarian response. Women over 40 can expect to see a decline in their ovarian response score as they enter the perimenopause and approach the menopause.

  • How do hormones effect my wellbeing?

    Female hormones, particularly the response hormones, have far reaching effects on a woman’s wellbeing. They are essential not only to the reproductive system but also the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, the digestive system, the cardiovascular system, the immune system and metabolism (that’s quite a list!).  So you can see why healthy hormones are important throughout a woman’s life not only when wanting to start a family. In addition, the rise and fall of the ovarian hormones progesterone and oestradiol can influence how you feel throughout your cycle. Understanding how your hormones fluctuate can therefore help you to put strategies in place so you can feel at your best throughout your cycle and your life.

  • Can I change my hormone levels?

    Hormones can be influenced by lifestyle behaviours such as sleep, stress, nutrition and exercise. That’s why we give you tips and an action plan based on your results of the things you can do to improve your hormone levels and your quality of life.

  • Why can’t I take this test if I take a hormonal contraception?

    Any hormonal contraception will mask your natural hormone levels. This product has been specifically designed for those who have naturally occurring cycles.

Introductory Offer Of £30 Off Your First Test*

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