Baseline Test

With our Baseline subscription package, you’ll receive 3 test kits each year to allow you to track vital health markers over time.

Each Baseline finger prick blood test kit checks 16 key biomarkers that play a vital role in maintaining good overall health. These include markers that provide insight into liver health, energy levels and body fat.

As such, this comprehensive package of finger prick blood tests offers a superb insight into your overall health and the subscription model allows you to discover trends over time.

Test cost:
per test
Test type: finger prick
This a subscription package and you will receive a new test kit every 4 months. Subscription can be paused or cancelled online at any time.
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Estimated turnaround
2 days
From receipt of sample

Why take a baseline test?

  • You want to proactively monitor your overall health and take actions where required to improve your health
  • You feel in good health but want to maintain this by keeping a progress check on core biomarkers over time
  • You feel there are improvements you could make to your overall health and this test is a great starting point to understanding where any potential problems might lie
  • You've recently changed your diet and want to measure the effects on your health

Benefits of baseline testing

Our Baseline blood test kit offers one of the most comprehensive packages of tests we provide. And despite how comprehensive it is, you can still provide your sample at home using a finger prick test kit we send out.

The results, which will be available within just a couple of days of us receiving your sample, will give you a good overview of your health looking at heart and liver markers as well as energy markers such as active B12 and ferritin.

For those already tracking activity, heart rate, nutrition and other things with wearable technology, this gives you the extra layer of insight to help you to truly take control of and monitor your health.

Key benefits when using Forth testing

Fast & accurate

Fast & accurate analysis from accredited laboratory


Tests can be done at home


Secure access to online results

Online dashboard

Online dashboard which tracks results over time

Included in this test


Tested biomarkers
  • Ferritin


Tested biomarkers
  • Triglycerides
  • Total Cholesterol
  • LDL
  • HDL % of Total Cholesterol
  • HDL


Tested biomarkers
  • Albumin


Tested biomarkers
  • Total Protein
  • Globulin
  • Gamma GT
  • Bilirubin (total)
  • Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP)
  • Albumin
  • Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT)


Tested biomarkers
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

Vitamins & minerals

Tested biomarkers
  • Vitamin D (25 OH)
  • Vitamin B12 (active)

How it works

Collect sample

We will send you a finger prick kit to use at home

Post sample

Pop your sample in the post to us using a pre-paid envelope

Online results

View your results on your secure personal health dashboard

Holly , 39

I enlisted the help of Forth to help me get to the bottom of my current health concerns. The Female Hormone test is really easy to do, just provide a small blood sample from the comfort of your own home and pop in the post. Within 3 days Forth emailed my results back to me. I can't thank Forth enough for dealing with my results so quickly which has meant I can take the action needed to get my hormones back to normal.

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Test cost: £59.00 per test

Estimated turnaround 2 days From receipt of sample

Test type: finger prick

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