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Baseline Plus

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The Baseline Plus general health blood test is our best selling test. Track and learn how to improve the most essential health markers for bone health, heart, liver function, thyroid function, energy and stress, as well as diet. The baseline blood work test gives you an insight into your general health and overall wellbeing.
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What Is A Baseline Blood Test?

A baseline blood test measures your levels of essential vitamins and minerals key to health such as vitamin D, vitamin B12 and ferritin (iron). This will help identify whether your diet is providing the right nutrients. In additional a baseline blood test can also check for thyroid and liver function, heart health and diabetes risk, as well as bodily inflammation and cortisol levels. 

Baseline Plus is our most comprehensive blood test and is designed for those who want to improve and optimise their health. You’ll gain scientific results for 20 of your body’s most essential biomarkers for good health including key micronutrients (vitamin D, B12, ferritin, folate), good and bad cholesterol, average blood sugar levels, inflammation, liver function as well as stress.

When to take This test

It is recommended you collect your sample for this test within 3 hours of waking and before food.

Diet and Energy

Measuring your levels of active B12, ferritin and vitamin D will help you understand whether your diet is providing you with the right nutrients. Low levels of active B12, ferritin and vitamin D can contribute to low energy levels and feelings of fatigue. Vitamin D is also key for muscle function, bone health and a healthy immune system. The test also measures the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) which can indicate a thyroid imbalance – the symptoms of which include changes in weight, mood and energy.

Lifestyle Risk Assessment

It is important to track your risk of developing heart disease, liver disease or type 2 diabetes as these are all, on the whole, preventable illnesses. The Baseline Plus test gives you a breakdown of your different types of cholesterol levels (both good and bad), HbA1C which gives you a measure of how much sugar is in your diet and helps identify your risk for type 2 diabetes, together with key biomarkers to assess the performance of your liver.

Sleep and Stress

Sleep is crucial for your overall wellbeing.  Getting a good 7-8 hours sleep a night helps your mind and body repair and improves your immune system. Stress from our daily lives can impact our ability to sleep and stress also takes its toll on both the mind & body. Our Baseline Plus test measures your levels of the stress hormone cortisol so you can see what impact your lifestyle is having on your body. 

Vitamin D levels
of Forth customers were found to have sub-optimal levels of vitamin D (>75 nmol/L)
LDL levels
of customers reduced their levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) between tests.

How Will My Lifestyle Affect
My Baseline Results?


Having a good, balanced diet is the most important part of staying healthy along with getting enough good quality sleep each night. This will ensure your body is getting the right nutrients to function well, and you have enough energy to exercise.

A poor diet that is high in fat, sugar and salt will impact your heart health and will not provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to function well. High blood glucose levels can also cause inflammation in your body which is a risk factor for heart disease. High blood glucose also raises your cortisol levels.

Alcohol and Caffeine

We all know that drinking too much alcohol can affect our livers, but it also impacts our mental health by interfering with chemicals in our brain and our bodies ability to absorb nutrients.

Drinking too much caffeine can also have a negative impact on our bodies, such as increasing our cortisol levels.


Exercising and not taking in the right amount of nutrients and calories will put stress on our bodies and impact energy levels as well as our immune system. Mid to high intensity exercise can also increase cortisol levels, so you need to ensure sufficient rest periods between training sessions.

It’s also important to ensure your exercise routine is made up of weight bearing exercise to help with bone and muscle strength. Plus, exercise that increases your heart rate and makes you feel out of breath which will keep your heart and lungs healthy.


Having a stressful lifestyle can have a big impact on our bodies. Raised cortisol levels can contribute to weight gain, low mood, reduced libido and high blood pressure. Exercise and lifestyle changes will help reduce stress levels and improve overall wellbeing.

improve your unique self

Want to improve your health & wellbeing? Forth gives you insight into your body’s key biomarkers. By tracking essential markers overtime you can build a picture of your own unique self and discover how your body responds to the changes you make so you can reach your personal best.

Frequently asked questions

 Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you need anything else try our help section.

  • Should I take supplements?

    If your nutrient levels are outside of the normal range, then one of our doctors may suggest you take a supplement. For example, most adults in the UK need to take a vitamin D supplement, particularly during winter. However, you should be able to get all the nutrients you need by adjusting your diet. If you are already taking supplements, then the test will indicate if you should reduce or increase your dose.

  • Will I get advice if my levels are outside of the normal range?

    Yes. Our GPs will comment on any results that are outside of the normal range and offer advice on how to improve your results. The comments will be on your dashboard along with your results.

Want To Personalise Your test?

Would you prefer to test more biomarkers in the same sample of blood? All our tests are customisable and can be tested in just one sample of blood. Click the button below to add more biomarkers to this test.